About our company

Our goal is to improve the lives of our clients, build a better society for the long-term and inspire trust in the judicial system. We genuinely care, and it shows whether it is an LTB application or were fighting for your human rights, take comfort in knowing we are in your corner. Once a case is completed, our system generates a passcode for the client to review our firm and post it on our website. We are proud to say that all our reviews are genuine!

Customer Satisfaction

Maragos Legal cares about their customers and it shows! We guarantee our office will work diligently end efficiently to provide our clients with thorough, well planned, legal representation. Come in today and experience the difference.



"My experience with this firm has been nothing but absolutely amazing. I am very thankful for the knowledge, expertise and guidance I was provided with when having to settle a construction contractor's billing dispute. Demetrios was able to pinpoint the problem at hand and quickly proceeded with a legal letter which granted me full rights to settle with my proposed final payment amount to which the other party finally came to accept . Thank you Demetrios, for your services."

Tania A.