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Our Team

Demetrios Maragos

Paralegal, Licenced with the Law Society of Ontario

Demetrios is the owner and founder of Maragos Legal. He graduated with honours from triOS College and completed & passed LSO paralegal exam in record time. Demetrios is a representative who specializes in, but not limited to, Landlord and Tenant Law, Employment Law, Small Claims Court litigation, and Human Rights legislation. Demetrios has successfully argued employment, Human Rights and WSIB cases resulting in 6-figure awards to his clients. Demetrios is not like other representatives. He is present, involved, cares and will be with you help you every step of the way to ensure his clients understand their position/arguments and their chances of success. Give him a call today to experience the difference!

Human rights team member

Jimmy Gangadin

Paralegal, Licenced with the Law Society of Ontario

Jimmy is one of our affiliate representatives and has extensive experienced working with civil and criminal lawyers to provide affordable quality legal services. Jimmy has experience in the Ontario Small Claims court in matters dealing with contract law, contract misrepresentation, wrongful dismissal, home renovation lawsuits and unpaid invoice disputes. Jimmy is an effective advocate and thorough representative. Jimmy graduated with honours of the paralegal program at Humber College. Jimmy is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario and is a member in good standing. Jimmy's passion for the law is proven in his work ethic.

Small Claims team member

Peter Keritsis

Paralegal, Licenced with the Law Society of Ontario.

Peter has only worked in the Accident Benefits sector and has assisted clients throughout the city with their accident claims. He has successfully argued compensation for injury, rehabilitation and treatment, compensation for loss of income and compensation for any other kind of monetary loss that took place during the accident. Retain Peter and to get you the compensation you deserve.

Accident Benefits team member

Payam Madani

Paralegal, Licenced with the Law Society of Ontario

RCIC, Registered with the ICCRC

Payam Madani Esfahani is our in-house RCIC and specializes in immigration law. People who want to immigrate to Canada can call us and receive immigration counseling. This is in addition to speeding up the process of their immigration case and to side-step any problems that could prevent their case from succeeding.

Immigration Consultant team member

Omar Rambhajan

B.A., LL.B, LL.M

Lawyer, Licenced with the Law Society of Ontario

Omar is our affiliate lawyer that handles all our Criminal (indictable) and Family Law cases. Over the past 30 years, Omar has worked alongside senior lawyers assisting them in various areas of law such as Civil Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law and Immigration Law. He has a B.A. in Business and Society from York University. Omar has a Bachelors of Laws degree with honors from the University of Kent Law School in the United Kingdom and also has a LL.M Master of Laws from Osgoode Law School.

Lawyer team member

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