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Maragos Legal has the experience to provide sound advice and possesses the vigor to advocate on your behalf before the Landlord and Tenant Board or “LTB”. We apply the appropriate legal principles that move your argument forward and provide for a successful resolution, so you can enjoy your home again. We provide services to both landlords and tenants.


Are you feeling frustrated by an unruly tenant who is constantly late on rent payment or who has stopped paying rent altogether? Or are you a tenant who is subject to illegal rent increases and are feeling overwhelmed? Let Maragos Legal help you to take hold of your rights at the Landlord and Tenant Board.
The Residential and Tenancies Act is legislated by the Ontario government and is used to uphold the rights of both landlords and tenants. Through this legislation applications can be filed to address various disputes between landlords and tenants which include;
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  • Representation at mediation
  • Representation at hearings
  • Research and preparation
  • Communication with opposing party
  • Drafting landlord applications
  • Filing and serving notices
  • Non-payment of late payments
  • Illegal tenant activity in respective unit
  • Rent increase
  • Additional unauthorized occupants residing in unit
  • Tribunal order enforcement
  • Serving evictions
  • Disputed matters of up to $35,000 can be settled

The process of fighting for your rights at the Landlord and Tenant Board is involved and can require many steps with multiple forms, research, preparation and appearances at hearings. Our services can help to alleviate the stress of any problematic dispute and instill peace of mind.

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