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Whether you are the employer or employee, union or non-union, Maragos Legal has got you covered. With a track record for settling employment disputes, you can be sure you will have the necessary tools to provide you with the best chances for a favourable outcome.


Did you know, if a provision in an employment contract or another Act gives an employee a greater right or benefit than a minimum employment standard under the Employment Standard Act, then that provision applies to the employee instead of the ESA.

There are a variety of ways for an employer to terminate an employee with cause, this can be done without notice or severance. These are rare and difficult for the employer to establish you have been terminated with cause.

If the employer does not have just cause, the Employment Standards Act sets out the basic minimum notice period that must be given to that employee, or the amount of severance that must be paid in lieu, without notice. However, most employees in the province of Ontario are owed significantly more than the Act stipulates.

Many factors may be considered, for instance, the employee's age, the position they held, length of their employment and responsibility within the workplace. The employee may be entitled at common law to additional notice of their termination, or higher severance pay than what is provided for by statute. This may also include employee benefits, bonuses, overtime, pension, etc.

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